Acacia N. Gregg
Photography has the fantastic potential to perpetuate a memory.  Just as a taste or aroma can awaken emotions, a carefully-crafted photograph can cause us to re-experience sensations surrounding significant times in our life.  Just like a musician creates a piece of music with something new in it you can discover upon each successive hearing, in my craft I desire to give people not just a lasting record of their significant memories, but a piece of fine art they can decorate their homes with and share with others.  As a wife and mother, I realize how important it is to find capable and flexible hands to capture your family's and loved ones' times together.  These are important memories you want to be able to cherish for years to come.  
 During my photography sessions, I jump at the opportunity to make people laugh and smile as I get to know them because I treasure the chance to see how I can make others look their best.  I savor the hunt for elusive and beautiful moments - those that are the most full of life and attention-grabbing stories.  I look forward to working with you to make your significant moments into lasting art.